Tuesday, October 25, 2005


I have a confession to make: Erica is my second name - and only very few people would connect it with me.
The reason I used my second name for my blog is that I do like it a lot, but never get a chance to use it. Secondly, I was just afraid at first that people I know could possibly find and read my blog. I wanted it to be my own, I wanted to be able to talk about things freely without fear that someone I know would read it by chance.
I know I have nothing to hide, and the things I talk about are hardly secrets, but at first I didn't know how the blog would shape up and what things I would talk about. As it is, I think that I should come out!! My first name is Valentina :)

.....apologies for not being entirely straightforward regarding my name, but for everything else I have been!! I will keep using Erica though, as this is the only place that I can use it, and if I get discovered by someone I know, then I will just create another blog using my third name (Francesca) oops

Friday, October 07, 2005

My dear nephew

I have been to Italy to see my family and meet for the first time my little nephew, born only a month ago. He is so gorgeous and I miss him so much; my sister is such a good mother and she seems so confident and as if she knows what she is doing, even though he is her first child.
I hope it will be like that for me, but I can already see that I will be less of a natural! I was left alone for one hour with my nephew, to my great happiness, and I panicked a little bit when he started crying and wanted his milk...but I did cope just fine after all.
And I have even bought the vibrating chair for the baby, like the one in Sex & the City! The baby seems to love it!

Being far away from my nephew (me in London, him in Rome) I hope to be able to still be a big presence in his life, and I wish to be very close to him, not a far away auntie that only comes to visit once a year, but a cool auntie that he loves. I now go to Italy 3 times a year, so I hope it will be enough; it was sad to kiss him goodbye even though I will go back in Xmas with my husband.

All this baby business is making me broody! :)