Friday, June 17, 2005

Quick Engagements

I have just read news about Tom Cruise's proposal. I am so happy for them, but don't they think it's a bit too early? They have only been together like two months! They are still in the honeymoon period, when everything is perfect and one never argues, and have sex like 3 times a day :), but it never lasts, reality sets in and if you are lucky, the novelty and the lust, is replaced by love, intimacy and deeper feelings.
Fine, she had his poster on her wall when she was a teenager and always dreamt of marrying the guy, but we've all done that, it doesn't mean that the man she dreamt about at 15 is really the man she is marrying. Sorry, if I feel sceptical about this, and I really care, because she always seemed to me such a sweet girl. Anyway, what do I know about anything! I only hope they can be happy for a very long time.

No other news really shocked me quite so much today.

Regarding my own life, I am feeling very very tired today, but happy as tomorrow is Saturday and I will sleep until lunchtime. The big news is that is supposed to be hot and sunny, quite a rarity in any Saturday in June ever in the history of England. So because of this quite unexpected weather we are planning to go to this new thing in London, it's called URBAN BEACH, and it's supposedly great fun, with bars and dancing and beach volley games, with sand imported from somewhere hot and put on the grass of a park in London. The only big difference from a real beach, there will be NO SEA. How can I go to a beach with no water? Is this their idea of fun? Do they know what a real beach is? Will there be a pool? Nobody knows, I guess we'll see and I will let you know next post....

Friday, June 10, 2005

100 things about me - ok maybe not 100

1) I really hate the dentist – so much that once I was so sick I had to cancel, blamed the sandwich shop for giving me food poisoning, then realized I was probably just nervous about the visit. I am currently still visiting the same sandwich shop
2) I am Italian, living in London and am married to a German
3) I can’t make good espresso coffee and I can’t stand the taste of it, but somehow I love the smell so much.
4) I hate flossing, but force myself to do it, as my hygienist is a really pushy person and I hate her nagging at me for not doing it.
5) I make myself see her every two months, so I can’t escape flossing
6) I love watching telly late at night, especially old black & white Italian movies
7) I love staying home from work and watch telly all day
8) I am obsessed with sit-coms, if I start watching an episode of something, I then need to watch all the previous series, as I have to know what happened before
9) I accidentally watched a Charmed episode from series 7 and got hooked and I am now in the middle of watching all the previous series.
10) I am starting to hate Charmed – my husband already does
11) I can speak Italian and English, I tried to learn German, my husband’s language, but I just don’t get it – it’s way too difficult
12) My husband is a German teacher, but just refuses to teach me German and I wonder why :)
13)My first concert was my first date with my husband, AC/DC at Wembley Stadium. I was 25, I know, I am a late bloomer, should have gone to a concert before!!
14) I love music, but can only listen to it if I am doing something else, like housework, or if I know the words and can sing it
15) I cannot sing at all – am just tone-deaf, but is the thing I love the most
16) I go to flamenco classes
17) I get extremely bored getting manicures and don’t like the chit-chat one has to do with the girl doing your nails – or the hairdresser doing your hair
18) I change hairdresser every single time and still haven’t found one that I actually want to talk to or that cuts my hair exactly as I want it
19) I smoke – but will quit for my 30th birthday – three months awaaaaaaaaaaaaay
20) I am only at no. 20!!!!!!! Didn’t realize, it would be so hard, do I even have 100 things?????
21) I am a terrible spender - especially love shoes, but then again I am a woman
22) My husband thinks I have too many shoes – I only have like 12 – not nearly enough for a respectable nearly-30 woman
23) I won two tickets to New York and visited for the first time in February 2005
24) My favourite city: NEW YORK
25) I am a SATC fan, and did go to Perry Street, but didn’t have a clue which house was it, until a bus load of girls and their bored boyfriends arrived!
26) My dream is to become a writer
27) I love to read and I have been known to read a book in one day
28) At work everybody knows how much I hate being talked to if I am reading my book at lunchtime
29) I especially hate when they ask me what I am reading
30) I love reading Michael Connelly’s books, so does my dad and my mum
31) I went to his signing in London – will never go to another signing – I felt like a silly teenager waiting to see their favorite actor
32) My favorite actor is Al Pacino, especially in Scent of a Woman
33) When I was little, and still every time I go to Italy, I read Donald Duck comics, but sadly they don’t sell them in England
34) I got married twice to the same man – once in the Caribbean, just me and him and once in London four months after in a church ceremony for my family
35) I was late at both ceremonies for no fault of my own – so I say to everybody
36) The photographer was late the first time and the second time my taxi didn’t turn up!!!!!! So had to flag one down with my mum and dad following and running in the street and my sister filming this hilarious scene. I finally found a lovely London cab, with Vanity Fair writing all over it.
37) I think I am a good cook, but I don’t actually love cooking
38) My husband thinks I can’t cook – he cooks most night for both of us and I since stopped protesting that I can cook ;)
39) Love summer – love winter (only when I had a proper summer) – hate English weather (as we never get a proper summer)
40) Love ice cream – but can’t stand chocolate ice cream
41) When I bought my Seven jeans in Bloomingdale I thought I wouldn’t see many people back in London with them, as they cost a fortune here, but just my luck, everybody is wearing a pair! I can’t explain this – have they all been to NY or are they all rich???
42) I am fed up now – can’t think about anything else
43) This is why I will never become a writer – I am sure I’ll get bored of my own book halfway through
44) My favourite cocktail is Cosmopolitan (of course), but can’t possibly drink more than one, or I’ll be drunk. And can anyone explain how not to spill any of it down your dress when you’ve had two and are drunk?
45) Our favorite place in NY to have a steak was The Rodeo Bar near Gramercy Park
46) If I lived in NY I would be a barmaid - not sure why, it looks like fun filling a glass with all the lovely tips and watching it grow as the night goes on and people get drunker and drunker and more generous
47) Or I would be a columnist writer like Carrie, so I could work from home - except I am not disciplined enough to work from home, I would just sleep until 11, watch telly until 2 and then maybe start doing some writing, get bored and go shopping for shoes! My career already finished before it even started :(
48) I can’t let go of my unrealizable dreams (e.g. being a barmaid in NY or a singer or a professional flamenco dancer - don't ask)
49) My husband supports all my wacky dreams and that’s why I love him, even listen to me singing, which I suspect must be unbearable
50) Ok, other 50 to go
Can I call this – 50 things about me? I really can’t think anymore, my head is spinning

LIFE IN LONDON - my first post

Well, my first post! What should I talk about? Probably why I started this blog. I had great fun reading other people's blog and I thought I should try myself . I love to write, but never have any chances really, so I thought this could be a start in that direction.

I moved to London 8 years ago when I was only 21, but I am originally from Rome, Italy. I have found here the love of my life and I have grown up so much, it's hard to imagine how different I would have been, if I never came to this island.

England is a great country, and if I could go back in time, I would come here all over again. This life experience has taught me so much and made me who I am. I look at my friends back in Italy that have never left the security of their homes and families, and I am glad I have made this move.

I miss my family now more than ever, and miss the lovely weather and the good food and the friendly lovely people. Will I ever be able to go back one day? Me and my other half are working on it, but it might never happen. We might actually move there and then hate it, as I now have a romanticised idea of Italy, the way it was when I left and I know I won't find everything as I left it. People moves on, things change, life continues without me, whether I like it or not. And what I am left with is no nationality, am I Italian or English? Neither! I don't feel english, as I am too italian for that, and I don't feel italian anymore, as I have acquired english traits.
I feel my roots have been taken away from me and I feel I will never get them back. I am afraid that wherever I will live, it will never feel like home to me.

I hope this doesn't matter and that I can create home wherever I feel like. I can only try and be myself wherever I go, whether is Italy or London or New York, but the good thing is that I do feel at home in my husband's arms!

See ya....