Tuesday, August 09, 2005


I was on the bus this morning, when suddenly it comes to my attention that somebody is not answering their phone. I can hear this ringing going on and on and on for minutes and minutes. Everybody starts looking around quite annoyed. I knew it wasn't mine, because I know my ring and that wasn't my ring (anyway, nobody would call me at 7.30am, I am far too asleep to make any sense of any conversation). As time goes by, people just get used to it, but I still find it so annoying and really look around at who could be the culprit.
Anyway, I then realize it might be an alarm clock incorporated in the phone and find it very funny that somebody doesn't realize their alarm is ringing.

Suddenly it stops with a strange blip sound, that shows that the battery on the mobile has run out..... at that instant I realize it was my phone! I felt so embarrassed, I think nobody noticed that it was me, but a guy looked at me with an annoyed face, so I think he knew.

Annoying Screamer

Every night, or nearly every night, I hear someone having sex in the apartment above me. It's becoming increasingly annoying, because the girl is a screamer! Plus they always have their window open, which helps the all neighboroughood hearing exactly every little detail.
And frankly is not hot at all in London at the moment, so no reason to leave the window open. We are still sleeping with the winter duvet!
Don't get me wrong I am happy for them, but somehow I can't see how they can be at it every single night! I have a very happy healthy sex life, but every night, come on, who does it every single night?
So, I keep thinking, they must be students, they must have just met, or something. My husband thinks I should leave the people alone, and not be bothered by it, but I think he is secretly curious about the screamer! I told him she is surely faking :)-
I am not a silent lover, but I can certainly restrain from screaming like someone is killing me, especially as I know the sweet old couple next door, would not enjoy the show, and might even call the police, especially as the walls of our apartment building are so paper-thin. The floors are so thin as well, that sometimes I am afraid I am going to end up in the apartment underneath us, if only I would jump slightly on the floor.
All this though, has brought out my very deeply buried competitive nature out and I must admit, that we are having more sex than usual!!! So, some good has come out of this after all!