Monday, October 22, 2007

It's a.....

BABY GIRL!!!!!! She is healthy, active and looks beautiful! Sorry for the delay in announcing the news, I was away to see my family in Italy straight after. We are over the moon that everything looks as it should be and she is growing perfectly.

We are thinking of calling her Jade, my husband chose the name and I love it very much. She has been kicking like crazy and I cannot wait to cuddle her and kiss her. I still can't believe it. The next step is the birth really, just three months to go!!! Getting a little nervous about it, but I try not to worry too much, as billions of women have been through it and I am sure I will cope somehow. And at the end of the pain, there will be so much joy that no words can describe.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Pain and joy

On Thursday at 9.30am I have an ultrasound and we cannot wait to find out the sex of the baby, my husband thinks it's a boy, but I am not so sure. Either way we will be over the moon to watch him/her on the screen and check out that he is healthy and active. The little one has been kicking me for a while now and it's the most amazing feeling, better than anything in the world. I can't wait to meet the baby, but also I am fully enjoying this period in my life, as it is so precious and I feel very lucky.
Unfortunately there has been some trouble as I have been having a horrible time with my teeth and gums. I have had an ongoing infection since few weeks ago and a wisdom tooth that needs to come out, but the dentist wants to wait after the pregnancy to do the extraction.
In the meantime though I had to take antibiotics and painkillers to get the infection out. Now I got a root canal done on another tooth to try and see if that was what started the infection. Nobody seems to know much about what to do and I have been so scared with the medicine they gave me, they said they are safe in pregnancy, but medicine is medicine and I would have preferred not to take anything at all. I stopped smoking and drinking because I wanted to give the best start in life to my little one and then filling him with medicine and local anesthetic just got me so angry! I had to do it as they said the infection is worse for both of us, but it has been an agonizing time.
So the pain has been with me for nearly 4 weeks now, with brief relief in between, and I have gone through some horrible days when I had wanted to rip all my teeth out of my mouth. If any of you has ever had any tootache or abscess, then you know exactly what I mean. I feel better now and every day hope increases that I will be fine but at the same time I am just so scared that the infection will come back again (as it has twice already).
The dentist says that if we can hold on until the end of the pregnancy, then everything will be okay. Afterwards he will take care of it without having to worry about harming the baby.

So today is a good day and the pain is bearable, still in the background, but nothing I can't cope with. I feel optimistic and every time I feel a kick, it fills me with joy that makes me forget any pain in the world.

I will update you on Thursday!!!