Monday, January 30, 2006

A long and eventful month

Sorry for my long absence, I have been having a tough time lately and didn't have time to even write about it.
First was the pre-Xmas period, when I was extremely busy at work, didn't have time for anything, then Xmas time with my husband - peace finally.
Since we have been back at work, we have had an attempted mugging, a bad injury, a 'near' car accident and a pregnancy scare!!
First my husband got mugged by two guys on a scooter, or at least they tried to. They came from behind on the pavement to steal his briefcase, but he held on so tight, despite the sudden shock, and he was able to get the briefcase back from their lap. He then ran in the first shop to call the police and try to catch those guys, but with no luck, they were long gone.
I think it was very brave of him to get his briefcase back from them, but at the same time maybe quite risky, you never know what can happen.
He said that, in a split second, he felt he had a chance to grab it back and he just had to do it. I feel extremely proud of him.
Even the police congratulated him, I think they were happy that for once the good people got the upper hand!!

The week after I tripped and badly fell on the pavement on my hands and knees.
I was flat out on the street at 8am in the morning for about two minutes, in utter pain, and nobody, and I really mean nobody, stopped and helped me. They actually went around and past me to get to the tube (our subway!), just like I was a sack of garbage. The pain was excruciating and I had to try twice to get up, as my knees were just giving up at first. I tried to make my way underground to get some help or just seat down and catch my breath, but I was just so in shock and in so much disbelief that I just kept going until I got out of the tube on my way to the office. At that point I called my husband and started crying my eyes out as I could barely stand up on my legs, that much was the pain.
I cried and cried on the phone, while my husband was doing an excellent job of keeping me from screaming out and then I reached my office and got my workmates to help me in a taxi and take me to the ER. I ended up with massive swollen and bruised knees, but not much else thankfully.
What really upset me is that nobody even stopped to help me get up or to ask me if I was okay. I always do that to others.

In the middle of all this, I am late by two weeks. I have done a pregnancy test last week, but still no sign of 'it'. To be honest, we would be extremely happy if I was pregnant, but we just weren't counting on happening just yet!
Anyway, the last but not least scare is when, in one of my driving lessons, I nearly ran over a homeless drunken man that jumped in front of my car as I was doing 30 miles per hour. I know, I wasn't going fast, so I was able to slow down just in time, but, trust me, it wasn't pleasant!

So much for a peaceful start of the year!

That's it folks!!

That's my very eventful month, sorry about the lengthy post.....but it was a while since my last!