Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Failed again!!!! Grrr!!

I failed again at my driving test! This time I was taking it very relaxed because I didn't want to be too nervous, instead once I was at the wheel I was twice more nervous than last time.
They failed me because I went at 30 mph in a road where I should have gone at 60 mph. And they failed me as well because I was waiting behind the buses if they stopped at the bus stops instead of going around them and overtake them!! I did overtake a couple of times but only when necessary and when safe.

All I was trying to do was to drive safely and with no rush. Where does it say that I have to go at the maximum speed required??? Can I not go at whatever speed I like? Fine, I understand if I was going at 10 mph but I was doing 30 mhp which is the limit in all of the city of London! How was I to know the examiner was taking me to a country road? If I was driving on my own I would have surely gone faster, but I wanted to make sure I wasn't going to fail again! I am ranting now, sorry, I am still so upset and it happened nearly two weeks ago.

The next exam is on the 2nd May at 2.30pm Greenwich time, please please pray for me to get it right this time! Hopefully I will be third time lucky!!

All I hope is that I don't get the same examiner, I really didn't like him. He made sure he told me I failed half way through the test, when he should have waited until the end. What a horrible man.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


We have decided to move!! Yeah! I am so happy. Every time we move we want to get something nicer, I for once want a DISHWASHER! It doesn't fit in our current kitchen unfortunately. Then I would love a roof terrace or a nice size balcony, where we can have breakfast in the summer on a Sunday morning!
We want top floor as well, as we had enough trouble with our past and current upstairs neighbours to ever want people above us.......never never again.

..but London is so expensive and we hope to find what we want at the price we want! Sometimes spending all the money in rent, it makes me angry and mad, I wish I could have my own little house with a mortgage and pay that off instead. My husband thinks is crazy to buy in London, and he is probably right as a good size flat costs about 300 thousand pounds, plus we might move away in a couple of years, maybe Italy.
Why are the prices so unaffordable? We both have very good jobs, and earn a good salary, but what we want where we want is just a distant dream. back to renting for now!