Friday, September 29, 2006

Ferry Trip

We are off to Calais, France - we are taking the ferry tonight from Dover and we'll spend a day or two in Calais.
When I come back I will post my MR & MRS RIGHT article!!

Have a nice weekend everybody!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Not sure what to write about lately, I am having a very 'dry spell'. Lots of things happened I suppose, that I could write about, but when I start a new post, nothing comes out. When I do manage to get a few sentences, they are boring and pointless.
So, here I am, starting from zero, trying to get back into my writing and blogging. I am happy though that blogger has resolved the issue with the comments and I can now happily comment away.
The reason that I haven't been writing is that I applied to write for an online magazine and did not succeed very well. The editor was really lovely, she gave me praise, but also criticism. The criticism was correct and spot on. She suggested some things, to try and change the articles I wrote into something more journalistic, but I think I am just not capable of that. I am not even sure I like to write in such a way. I am not a journalist, I wouldn't like it, I prefer plain old writing, I can't add quotes or such journalistic things, I rather talk about my own experiences.
I have kept the articles and maybe I should publish them in my blog and see what the others think. I was naive though to think that I could get published so easily. I have no training, just a passion. It seems to me that I am more of a writer than a feature journalist. Or maybe I am just a blogger and should concentrate on doing my day job....

The articles are two:
''Meeting Mr or Mrs Right in London''
''Kids anyone? Dilemma of a career couple''

Which one should I put on the blog? Which one would you most like to read? From now on you will be my editor!!!

Thursday, September 14, 2006


I have changed my blog from blogger to beta because it gives you more editing freedom or whatever, but now I can't leave comments on some of your blogs! On some I can write as ''other'' which means they don't put my photo, on some I can't post at all, unless I want to post as anynomous!
So please don't think I am not reading, 'cause I am, they just are not allowing me to comment. And what's bad too is that some bloggers are not able to leave me comments either!!
It's so unfair, but Blogger & Beta Blogger have promised to do some changes urgently, as I am not the only to complain. Let's hope this will soon improve, but rest assured I am still reading you all!

Monday, September 11, 2006