Friday, September 28, 2007

Shining Through

I am back from my long long break! So many things have happened but the biggest one is that, as you might notice from my new picture, I am pregnant!!!
I am expecting our first baby and I am very excited and over the moon. Currently I am 5 months along and the baby is due in February 2008.

It was a planned pregnancy for Christmas, so it was a surprise that it happened now but we guessed that the baby didn't want to wait that long and wanted to come out earlier! We believe it's a boy, but we have no proof apart from our instinct. On Oct 11th we will find out the sex and we cannot wait.

Many welcome changes have happened in my life because of this pregnancy. The biggest one was quitting smoking, I did it as soon as I found out and was the best thing I could have ever done in my life but also the hardest. I was not smoking much at all to begin with but I missed it so much at first and temptation was strong, but thinking of what it could do to the little one inside me, helped me resist all urges. So today I am proudly free of the demon drug. I want to thank my husband for going through some terrible weeks during my withdrawals (I was an hysterical nervous wreck). Just imagine, pregnant, quitting smoking and Italian! Too much for any man to cope with! But he has and I am very proud of him.

The pregnancy so far has gone great, fingers crossed. I will keep any of you still out there updated about my progress, but I will try and not make this blog only about pregnancy and babies, promise!! Even though that's all I can think about now, I know it can get too much!