Friday, June 17, 2005

Quick Engagements

I have just read news about Tom Cruise's proposal. I am so happy for them, but don't they think it's a bit too early? They have only been together like two months! They are still in the honeymoon period, when everything is perfect and one never argues, and have sex like 3 times a day :), but it never lasts, reality sets in and if you are lucky, the novelty and the lust, is replaced by love, intimacy and deeper feelings.
Fine, she had his poster on her wall when she was a teenager and always dreamt of marrying the guy, but we've all done that, it doesn't mean that the man she dreamt about at 15 is really the man she is marrying. Sorry, if I feel sceptical about this, and I really care, because she always seemed to me such a sweet girl. Anyway, what do I know about anything! I only hope they can be happy for a very long time.

No other news really shocked me quite so much today.

Regarding my own life, I am feeling very very tired today, but happy as tomorrow is Saturday and I will sleep until lunchtime. The big news is that is supposed to be hot and sunny, quite a rarity in any Saturday in June ever in the history of England. So because of this quite unexpected weather we are planning to go to this new thing in London, it's called URBAN BEACH, and it's supposedly great fun, with bars and dancing and beach volley games, with sand imported from somewhere hot and put on the grass of a park in London. The only big difference from a real beach, there will be NO SEA. How can I go to a beach with no water? Is this their idea of fun? Do they know what a real beach is? Will there be a pool? Nobody knows, I guess we'll see and I will let you know next post....

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