Monday, October 09, 2006

Losing my mind

Well, I am lucky again, third time lucky to be exact. Let me explain...for the third time I have lost my wallet (purse in U.S. I think) and someone has found it and given it back to me. If I lived in a small town where everybody knew me...but I live in London!

The first time was in May 06 - I left it at an off licence shop not too far from my home, I was buying a bottle of wine for a party we were going to and I left the wallet on the counter.
The next evening the clerk of the shop knocked on our door and gave me my wallet back! It was lucky that I had my home address on the provisional driving licence in my wallet, otherwise he wouldn't have known where I lived.

The second time I lost it was back in July, in a club while paying for my drinks and again I left it at the counter. I realised after 10 minutes and ran to the bar and asked the barman if he had found a wallet, and after looking and asking around, they had found it in the manager's office where someone had put it for safekeeping.

The third time was last week. After a party we were heading to a bar near my area and after looking inside, we actually decided to head home by taxi instead of having another drink. Needless to say, when I got home I found that I had no wallet, immediately cancelled my cards and went to sleep. Today, after losing hope that somebody might have found my wallet, a phone call came at work! It was a clerk at my gym, somebody called her from this bar saying that they have found my wallet and the only way they could think of reaching me was by calling my gym and get them to call me. So this evening I will be on my way to this bar to pick it up!

I am thinking two solutions to this constant losing my wallet:
1) I don't go out to a bar ever again
2) I stop carrying my wallet anywhere with me

Seriously, why do I always keep losing it? It happens when I am busy - drinking - distracted - in a rush - nervous, it seems like I am losing my mind most times!


Rachel said...

I always take either my entire purse or I take only $ with my ID. Depends on where I am and who I am with.
I can't remember the last time that I lost my purse.
And now that I have said that I am going to lose it within the next 30 days.

Sass said...

drinking and having a short attention span my dear. It happens to all of us. where are my keys?

Erica said...

Rachel, yes, I should just take with me money, not even the ID is necessary, here you are not obliged to carry one and nobody asks me for ID at the bar anymore!! I hope you don't lose yours.
Sass, you are right, my attention span is often very short and the drinking certainly doesn't help!

Ely said...

che fortuna!!! during my adolescence I lost 6 wallets!! (and money and documents etc)..
I hope I've paid for the next 50 years ;)
greetings from italy :)

Marissa said...

you sound like me. last year within one month i lost my coat (how does that happen in the dead of winter) my car keys (again, how??) my wallet (like you it was returned to nyc!) and of course, a month later my credit card was stolen. needless to say i was NOT happy with myself! i think we all go that, though. its like a rite of passage into adulthood or something!

Heart Of Darkness said...

You're either incredibly lucky, or carry a buch of incredibly boring things not worth stealing... :)

Either way, be thankful - I lose my wallet only once, but it took me a hell lot of time to block all my credit cards etc. NOT worht it...

(oh, and no, I never got the wallet back...)

Cheryl said...

Maybe no more wallet. Cause you can't not go to bars. That's just not allowed.